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Commercial Solar Electricity 

PowerSmart prides itself on being a leader in commercial solar power installations in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. We are one of New Zealand's most experience commercial solar electricity integrators and have direct relationships with all our suppliers, which means we are very price competitive. 

Two of our founding directors are engineers and so since 2007 when PowerSmart started we have designed and built systems to last and be proud of. As a result we have won over 20 awards including 5 SEANZ awards in 2014 and 2 SEANZ awards in 2015. including Largest Grid Tied Implementation for Sylvia Park and Best Best Solar PV System with Storage for Tuvalu and Northern Cooks Project.  Below is a selection of commercial solar power projects PowerSmart has completed since 2011. 

Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh

Largest Tesla Battery Installation

Vunabaka - 4 MWh

Vunabaka resort development Vunabaka resort is typical of many of the projects that we work on, in that years worth of work have gone into it before anything seems to  happen. This is a project that is at the cutting edge of solar PV...

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Yealands Estate - 411kW Yealands Estate - 411kW

PowerSmart GOLD installation

Yealands Estate - 411kW

“We are delighted to be supplementing our existing renewable energy supply, which already incorporates solar water heating, wind and biological initiatives with solar PV electricity. This will certainly assist us achieve our ultimate goal of...

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Tuvalu & Northern Cook Islands - 1.9MW

1.9MW Off-Grid Solar Project

Tuvalu & Northern Cook Islands - 1.9MW

In October 2014 PowerSmart was awarded a 35 million dollar renewable energy project by the New Zealand Aid Programme in partnership with governments of Tuvalu and the Northern Cooks. The project was to install 12 off-grid solar power stations on 10...

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Otuwhare Marae - 5kW

5kW Otuwhare Marae

Otuwhare Marae - 5kW

“We are pleased to recommend PowerSmart’s services to our Maori people. In fact, it was their core values of giving power back to the people, their openness and engagement with our people that gave us the confidence in the project for...

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Sylvia Park Mall - 350kW

New Zealand's largest solar electricity system - 350kW

Sylvia Park Mall - 350kW

“We deal with a great number of contractors and would rate the PowerSmart delivery onsite as amongst the very best.” Jason Happy – National Facilities Manager Kiwi Property.   While most of the country seemed to be shopping...

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Tarewa Mega Centre - 240kW

Commercial Savings Through Solar

Tarewa Mega Centre - 240kW

“In 2003 the biggest monthly power bill at Tarewa Mega Centre was around $4,000 - in 2014 it was more than $13,000.” Dan Udy - Director Udy Group, owners of Tarewa Mega Centre. Tarewa Mega Centre is located in Whangarei, Northland, an...

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Dunninghams Butchery - 86kW

NZ Butchery Supplies

Dunninghams Butchery - 86kW

Dunninghams was established in 1921 and offers New Zealand’s most comprehensive range of butchery supplies to butcher's all over the country. The privately owned business recently undertook their own energy audit to identify opportunities...

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St Kilda Development - 150kW

St Kilda Development

St Kilda Development - 150kW

ST KILDA PARTNERSHIP. St Kilda is the first residential and commercial development in New Zealand that has been wholly committed to sustainability and energy efficient design from the outset. When Matt and Nikki decided to...

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Foley Family Wines - 156kW

Wine made with Solar Power

Foley Family Wines - 156kW

Foley Family Wines is owned by American Billionaire Bill Foley. Since 2009 Foley has brought a number of vineyards in the Martinborough region including Vavasour, Grove Mill, Martinborough Vineyard and Te Kairanga, as he believes this region...

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McConnell Robotic Farm - 43kW

Waikato Dairy Farm

McConnell Robotic Farm - 43kW

Farming at the McConnell farm is different to most other farms in New Zealand. David and Glenys McConnell are long-time dairy farmers, and are constantly looking for new efficiencies to increase profitability. Since 2012 they have made a number of...

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Auckland Schools - 35kW

Sustainable Schools on the North Shore

Auckland Schools - 35kW

The success of grid-tied commercial solar electricity systems lies in the ability to use electricity during the day when production is at its peak. Schools are one of the best candidates for commercial solar electricity with their peak energy...

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ACT Schools Program - 450kW ACT Schools Program - 450kW ACT Schools Program - 450kW ACT Schools Program - 450kW ACT Schools Program - 450kW ACT Schools Program - 450kW ACT Schools Program - 450kW ACT Schools Program - 450kW

ACT - Solar Schools Program

ACT Schools Program - 450kW

Between December 2011 and January 2013 PowerSmart installed over 450kW of solar panels on 35 schools in ACT, Australia. This was part of a massive $51 million dollar state funded program to have commercial solar electricity systems installed on 80...

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Watts & Hughes Apartments

Auckland City Apartments

Watts & Hughes Apartments

Working directly with Watts and Hughes on this project Powersmart was the appointed solar system designer and contractor for  464 Remuera Rd Apartments Solar Project RFP. PowerSmart was chosen for the project due to the experience they had in...

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Turing Building - 11kW

Apartment Building

Turing Building - 11kW

Ockham Residential Developments pride themselves in doing things right. They have a passion for Auckland and a desire to produce great places for people to live without crippling body corporate fees. The Turing building in Grey Lynn is a freehold...

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Ranui Library - 18kW

Auckland City Council

Ranui Library - 18kW

Auckland City Council has been on a building spree lately when it comes to libraries and community centers. Ranui Library has been part of this regional upgrade and early in 2015 the new building was completed. The project also included solar power...

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PNCC Solar Farm - 100kW

Solar Farm in Manawatu - 100kW

PNCC Solar Farm - 100kW

In February 2014 PowerSmart installed and commissioned a 100kW solar PV farm  on the rooftop of Palmerston North City Council’s Central Administration Building and the city’s Convention Centre - the largest solar PV system in New...

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NIWA Nelson - 10.5kW NIWA Nelson - 10.5kW NIWA Nelson - 10.5kW NIWA Nelson - 10.5kW NIWA Nelson - 10.5kW NIWA Nelson - 10.5kW


NIWA Nelson - 10.5kW

“Being an environmentally responsible CRI, it makes sense to use as much of our abundant renewable energy resources as we can,” says NIWA manager, Ken Grange. There are many benefits for NIWA, one of which is that they will pay less for...

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Woldwide Farm - 33kW

Southland Dairy Farm

Woldwide Farm - 33kW

For many people the idea of solar electricity in Invercargill is just wrong. How could it ever work? They don't get enough sunshine. It is not hot enough. Solar PV is often misunderstood - it is actually not reliant on heat, only sunshine...

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Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid

Utility scale off-grid solar electricity

Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid

On October 29th 2012 PowerSmart completed the award-winning ‘Tokelau Renewable Energy Project’, officially making Tokelau 100% solar-powered. Each of Tokelau's three atolls now has their own solar electricity system which will supply...

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interested in solar for my business!

What do I do next?

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How we do it

At PowerSmart we take care of every aspect of your commercial solar power installation, so you don’t have to. 

  • First PowerSmart's solar engineers complete an energy audit to analyse your businesses energy consumption.
  • Then using this information we design a commercial solar power system specific to your business.
  • Next we procure quality components from the world's leading manufacturers at the best prices.
  • Finally our CEC accredited team installs your commercial solar electricity system.

We can also set up full monitoring and maintenance programmes for any commercial solar electricity system we install.

The PowerSmart difference includes:

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  • Site and energy audit
  • Solar feasibility assessments
  • Concept system design and costings
  • Solar PV system performance modelling
  • Consulting services
  • In-house CEC accredited designers
  • Direct relationships with suppliers
  • Best components individually specified for each project.
  • National and international logistics expertise
  • Devanning, warehousing and distribution
  • Built to highest standards
  • Management of all consents and compliances
  • Complete end to end project management
  • Inhouse CEC accredited install team
  • Maintenance services available
  • Solar PV system monitoring available



Purchase options

At PowerSmart our commercial and business clients fit into two categories those who want to buy their solar power system outright and those who want take advantage of PowerSmart GOLD, which enables businesses to buy solar electricity without having to buy solar panels.

PowerSmart GOLD

buy electricity,

not solar panels.

Fix your electricity cost for up to 20 years.

Commercial solar without the capital.

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Outright Purchase

own the system,

generate electricity.

Solar gives great returns for most businesses.

Invest in the future. Solar systems last for 20+ years.

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We work with you to provide the greatest solution for your business’s energy requirements. Below are our most common questions, but feel free to ask us anything.

Is solar electricity right for my business?

If your business has a fairly constant electricity bill year round or one that...

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Do solar electricity systems require maintenance?

Solar electricity systems are relatively maintenance free as there are no...

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What size system do I need?

Generally the bigger your power demands the bigger the system. Until we...

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How long does it take to pay back a solar electricity system?

There is no set time as it depends on price you pay currently for you...

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Do you lease solar?

PowerSmart GOLD is not a lease but it allows you to have a solar electricity...

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What is Solar PPA?

Simply a Solar PPA is an agreement to purchase power at a fixed price for a...

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With solar will I have still have power in a powercut?

No. For 99.9% of businesses we install solar electricity systems for, they are...

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What warranties do you offer?

All our systems are backed by comprehensive manufacturers warranties, as well...

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How heavy are solar panels when mounted on the roof? Do the impact the roof structure or roof warranties?

Panels weigh around 18kg per panel, which is spread over approx. 1.5m2, so they...

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Do solar electricity systems require any consents?

Each council within New Zealand has its own policies regarding what they...

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A selection of the many awards we have won....


Seanz Awards - Tuvalu and Northern Cooks

WINNER SEANZ 2015: best solar PV installation with storage

Tuvalu and NOrthern Cooks - 1.9mW

Westpac Logistics

finalist westpac BOP business awards 2014: Manufacturing and LOgistics

SBN Awards 2012

Finalist Sustainable Business Network 2012 Awards: Trailblazer Sustainable Medium Business - BOP

BNZ Bay Of Plenty Export Awards

Finalist Bop export awards: Exporter of the year award

SBN Award Impact

Finalist SBN Awards 2014: Renewables impact award

Yealand Estate Wines, Blenheim

Export New Zealand

Winner BNZ Bop Export Awards 2012: Emerging Exporter of the Year.

SBN Award Renewables

Finalist SBn Awards 2014: Renewables innovation Award

tarewa mega centre, whangarei

Seanz Awards - Otuwhare Marae

 Winner Seanz 2014: Best Grid-Tied implementation under 10kW

Otuwhare Marae, East Cape

Seanz Awards - Winner Tarewa

Winner seanz 2014: Largest Grid Tied implementation:

Tarewa mega mall - whangarei, 240kW

Westpac Customer Service

Finalist Westpac BOP Business awards 2014: Customer Service

Seanz Awards - Winner Craters of the Moon

Winner seanz 2014: Largest off grid implementation

Craters of the moon, Taupo.

Westpac Sustainability

Finalist Westpac BOP Business Awards 2014: Sustainability

NZSDA Awards

Bronze NZSDA Awards 2014: Powersmart HQ signage and brand

SBN Awards 2014

finalist sbn awards 2014: Community innovation award

St Kilda development, Cambridge

Westpac Innovation

Finalist Westpac BOP Business Awards 2014: Innovation

Westpac Awards

Winner WEstpac BOP Business Awards 2014: BRanding and Marketing

EECA Awards

Winner EECA 2014: Right house renewable energy award

Tokelau Renewable Energy Project

New River Green 50

New River green 50: Ranking # 14 in New Zealand

Economy's Sustainable Awards

Winner International Economy's Sustainable Awards 2013: Best emerging renewable energy company, South Pacific

Seanz Awards - Craters of the Moon

Winner seanz 2014: best off-grid implementation

Craters of the moon, Taupo

New Zealand Innovators Awards

winner new zealand innovators award 2012: Innovation in Sustainability and Cleantech. Tokelau renewable energy project

New Zealand Sustainable 60 Awards

Winner NZ sustainable 60 awards: Best Small Business

Seanz Awards - Sylvia Park Mall


Sylvia Park MALL - Auckland, 351 KW


"We have never had a project go so smoothly, they finished two weeks ahead of schedule."

Dan Udy - Director: Udy Group

"We deal with a great number of contractors and would rate PowerSmart's delivery onsite as amongst the very best"


Jason Happy - National Facilities Manager at Kiwi Property

We are delighted to be supplementing our existing renewable energy supply, which already incorporates solar water heating, wind and biological initiatives with solar PV electricity. This will certainly assist us achieve our ultimate goal of self-sufficiency.”

Peter Yealands founder Yealands Estate Wines.

"We're a commercial organisation and we had an expectation of a commercial return and we're very pleased to say the output - and therefore commercial return - has exceeded that expectation." Comment on the Sylvia Park installation after 1 year. 

Jason Happy - National Facilities Manager at Kiwi Property.