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19 March 2015

Solar Electricity changing the way people live

A great video comissioned by SMA that shows how life has changed on Tokelau since solar electricity has been installed. There are some guest...
9 August 2013

Video - Dean Parchomchuk and Charlotte Yates at TEDx Tauranga

In this talk you'll hear the amazing story of how a small team changed the lives of the people on a small tropical island of Tokelau by...
26 March 2013

Mike speaks at the Pacific Energy Summit

At the Pacific Energy Summit held this week in Auckland PowerSmart Managing Director Mike Bassett-Smith was invited by the New Zealand Ministry of...
18 February 2013

NZ Aid Programme - interview with Dean Parchomchuk

In 2012 PowerSmart's Dean Parchomchuk spent around six months working on the three remote atolls that comprise Tokelau, helping to bring...
29 October 2012

PowerSmart finishes Tokelau Renewable Energy Project

POWER TO THE PEOPLE! PowerSmart finishes world first project to make Tokelau 100% Solar Powered Today PowerSmart completed their award...
26 October 2012

Pacific Island Sets Renewable Energy Record

BRISBANE, Oct 26 2012 (IPS) - Tokelau, a small Polynesian territory in the central Pacific, has surpassed the rest of the world in replacing...
17 October 2012

PowerSmart's Tokelau solar project nears completion, wins award

Gavin Evans Wed, 17 Oct 2012 PowerSmart will shortly commission the third and final unit in its three-atoll solar generation project in the...
18 September 2012

Week 14 progress update - Nukunonu Atoll (Tokelau)

Post Details:

By Dean Parchomchuk

Two of the three systems are now complete! The Nukunonu system has now been switched on. Most of the village residents showed up for the opening...
7 September 2012

Week 13 progress update - Nukunonu Atoll (Tokelau)

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By Shane Robinson

Image: Nukunonu solar array In 4 short weeks the installation is 95% complete.  All of the solar modules, inverters, and batteries are in...
19 August 2012

Week 10 progress update- Nukunonu Atoll (Tokelau)

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By De

Image: Nukunonu array foundation with inverter/battery building and generator shed in background The TREP team landed safely on Nukunonu this...
9 August 2012

Powersmart switches on the first solar power system in Tokelau

Image: The installation team on Fakaofo atoll Powersmart has flicked the switch and turned on the first of three solar power systems that will...
9 August 2012

Week 9 progress update - Fakaofo Atoll (Tokelau)

Post Details:

By Dean Parchomchuk

Image: School children at TREP site It has been a very busy past couple weeks here on Tokelau so blog updates have fallen behind. But we are...
3 August 2012

Article on - Tokelau to shed diesel dependence

Image: Powersmart Solar director Mike Bassett-Smith By JESS LEE Diesel-dependent Tokelau is still on track to become the first entirely...
27 July 2012

NZ Herald Article - NZ company helps Tokelau switch to solar

Image: Powersmart Solar has worked with locals in Tokelau to help the Pacific Nation switch to 100 per cent solar powered energy. A New...
27 July 2012

Huffington Post: One Nations Electricity Going 100% Solar

By A. Siegel. Writ large, around the world, liquid fuel (generally diesel) has a relatively small role in providing electricity and thus...
25 July 2012

Tokelau to become world's first solar-powered country

Image: Bringing in the solar panels has risks By Jenny Suo, 3 News Watch the news clip...
22 July 2012

Week 6 progress update - Fakaofo Atoll (Tokelau)

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By Dean Parchomchuk

This last week was a milestone week on the TREP work site. Several major works reached completion. We now have all the batteries installed, filled...
14 July 2012

Week 5 progress update - Fakaofo Atoll (Tokelau)

Image: Solar array construction in progress When we first arrived on Fakaofo Atoll, the heat and humidity were almost unbearable coming from...
12 July 2012

NZ Trade & Enterprise article on Powersmart Solar in Export News

Image: Powersmart Solar Director Mike Bassett-Smith Tokelau, world's first solar power nation By Keri Welham A Mount Maunganui...
3 July 2012

Week 3 - Array construction underway!

Post Details:

By Dean Parchomchuk

Image: Tokelauan workers assembling array frames In comparison to the batteries inverter installations, it has appeared that progress on the...
28 June 2012

Week 2 progress update - Fakaofo Atoll (Tokelau)

Image: View down the inverter room. It has been just over two weeks since the Powersmart team arrived on Fakaofo and we have seen great...
28 June 2012

Mount solar star powering Pacific

Image: Solar panels and equipment arrive on Tokelau. Posted at 7:02am Wednesday 27th Jun, 2012 | By Hamish Carter...
24 June 2012

Tokelau to be entirely solar-powered (Source: One News)

Image: Noel and the Governor General - Fakaofo Atoll Noel Ackerman from Powersmart Solar was one One News last night talking about our project...
17 June 2012

Solar System on Fakaofo Atoll (Tokelau) Construction Underway

This week marked the first week in the construction of Fakaofo Atoll's solar power system.  The Tokelau Renewable Energy Project (TREP)...
7 May 2012

Tokelau aims for 100% renewable energy in 2012

1 November 2011

Tokelau - 100% Solar Powered

The South Pacific islands of Tokelau will soon become the first in the world to have all their electricity needs met by solar power. Tokelau is...
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