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28 June 2012

Week 2 progress update - Fakaofo Atoll (Tokelau)

Image: View down the inverter room.

It has been just over two weeks since the Powersmart team arrived on Fakaofo and we have seen great progress on the installation. With a total of 20 people working on site (5 supervisors and 15 tokelauans), most tasks are moving along well.

We know have half of the batteries in place. So far that is 40 metric tonnes of batteries all put into place by hand using purpose built jigs. Almost all of the stainless steel anchor bolts are in the concrete and array frame construction should commence this week. All of the inverters/chargers and control gear are in place and wiring has begun.

Check out the progess in the pictures below!

Tane, showing off his new installation team t-shirt.

Laser levels were used to accurately locate the array frame stainless steel fixing bolts. It has been time consuming but ultimately will save time during the array construction.

All of the battery inverters and solar chargers are in place and wiring has began.

A total of 77 SMA Sunnyboy 3000 inverters have been mounted along with distribution boards and cable trunking. Wiring should start this week.

10 rows of lead acid batteries in place with 12 to go.


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