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19 August 2012

Week 10 progress update- Nukunonu Atoll (Tokelau)

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Image: Nukunonu array foundation with inverter/battery building and generator shed in background

The TREP team landed safely on Nukunonu this week. The boat ride from Fakaofo is only 3 hours but it was an all-day affair with the movement of our freight. We arrived on Tuesday and spent the first day settling in and getting accustomed to our new surroundings.

The Nukunonu TREP site was a fresh slate ready for us to begin. All the solar array foundations have been waiting for us for a couple months. The custom built inverter/battery building is still in progress, but the roof is on and the interior walls have been painted, so our work can get underway unhindered. All that was needed was a coat of paint on the battery room floor which was done on Friday.

Work officially began on Thursday and we hit the ground running. After two full days, plus some evening work and hours put in this weekend, we already have all the inverters and chargers mounted, two out of eight rows of batteries in place, and one out of seven of the concrete foundations have anchor bolts installed. The system for Nukunonu is less than three quarters the size of the one on Fakaofo and is much more consolidated in terms the proximity of the solar array to the inverter/battery building and generator shed. Having one system already under our belt our processes are much quicker. As such, we are confident we will be able to complete the installation here well within the 6 week schedule we have allocated.

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