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18 September 2012

Week 14 progress update - Nukunonu Atoll (Tokelau)

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By Dean Parchomchuk

Two of the three systems are now complete! The Nukunonu system has now been switched on. Most of the village residents showed up for the opening ceremony which began with a Catholic blessing of the system. The local priest made his rounds sprinkling Holy Water on the solar panels and other components of the system. The system was then officially started by one of the village elders and a young girl to signify that the elders of the village have had the system built for the future generations of Tokelau. The remainder of the celebrations continued later on that afternoon with the village hosting a party. This began with the amazing singing and dancing by the school children, followed by speeches, and a delicious meal. The beverages came out just before sundown and the partying continued on late into the night.

We are happy with how the installation has gone here on Nukunonu, and are now looking forward to starting on the third and final system on Atafu. If all goes well with the boat schedule, we should begin work on Atafu early next week.

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