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19 August 2012

Week 10 progress update- Nukunonu Atoll (Tokelau)

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By De

Image: Nukunonu array foundation with inverter/battery building and generator shed in background The TREP team landed safely on Nukunonu this...
9 August 2012

Powersmart switches on the first solar power system in Tokelau

Image: The installation team on Fakaofo atoll Powersmart has flicked the switch and turned on the first of three solar power systems that will...
9 August 2012

Week 9 progress update - Fakaofo Atoll (Tokelau)

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By Dean Parchomchuk

Image: School children at TREP site It has been a very busy past couple weeks here on Tokelau so blog updates have fallen behind. But we are...
3 August 2012

Article on - Tokelau to shed diesel dependence

Image: Powersmart Solar director Mike Bassett-Smith By JESS LEE Diesel-dependent Tokelau is still on track to become the first entirely...
1 August 2012

Church draws power from above

Image credit: Gisborne Herald Ariticle one of our systems in The Gisborne Herald. By Anna Ferrick As more and more New Zealanders...
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