PowerSmart gives people more control over their power bills by providing the best quality turn-key solar electricity systems, supported by superior customer service, knowledge and a local installation network throughout New Zealand. 

We make everything as simple as can be. You’ll even find a solar savings calculator on this website. It’s all as easy as 1,2,3.


Check out our solar power savings calculator and free pricing guide online, or chat to one of our friendly staff over the phone. We’ll answer all of your questions and work out the best solar electricity system for your needs.


When you are happy to proceed, we use satellite imagery of your roof to construct a detailed plan and solar panel layout diagram so you know exactly how your solar power system will work.


At this point we confirm the quote with a 20% deposit so we can get work underway and take care of all paperwork and consents for you.




There is no greater way to generate electricity than the sun. In fact, the energy from just one minute of sunshine could power the world for a whole year.

On top of that, solar electricity is friendly to the environment. And that’s pretty great too.

But with electricity costs continuing to rise, one of the truly great benefits of the sun is the power it puts in your hands. Reduce or even eliminate your power bill. Add value to your property, and watch as your solar electricity system pays for itself.  

Don’t be a slave to your electricity bills. There’s more than enough sunlight to share. Take control of your power bill

Whether you are in Auckland, Christchurch, or anywhere across the country, we have experienced local installers in your area. Our team will ensure your solar electricity system is designed and your panels installed to optimise your system's performance and save money on your power bill.  We use only the highest quality solar panels and inverters with the best warranties available.


High electricity prices

Electricity prices are currently quite high and forecasted to increase significantly in the near future.  With a PowerSmart solar power system on your home you will be protected from rising electricity costs.  As electricity costs rise you will be saving an ever increasing amount of money, boosting your return on investment.

The price of solar has decreased dramatically in the last few years and is now less than a third of the cost it was in 2008.





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