What is it like living off grid?

Matthew's story - episode five: Why Solar? 


Do you have to change how you live when you live off grid?

Living off the Grid has many advantages and benefits but perhaps most importantly it means that you can live wherever it is you want to live.  There are no restrictions to the location you can choose to live.

For Matthew and his family Living Off the Grid has brought enormous satisfaction and they have not had to compromise their lives at all and as matthew points out with a certain glint in his eye “The sweetest part of it for me is that I don’t get any powerbills every month”.

Off the Grid Solar Power is maintenance free and only requires checking once in awhile for peace of mind.  The battery storage system gives the Hardy’s plenty of power for everything they need to be doing and everything they want to do.

Even Matthews son Luke says that living off the grid is just like living on the grid


“Living off the grid hasn't really changed anything, i’m still able use my phone, watch TV and do everything else that a normal teenager would do”.


However there is one small change that even luke notices and that would make any parent happy


“On the Grid you don’t really care about leaving lights on but now that we are off the grid i’ve noticed that I care about turning off more lights and trying to save more power”.


When matthew began the journey to Live Off the Grid he didn't know if it was even possible.  But with a dream and beautiful site for the new house, Matthew could not be happier

“Every morning when I wake up and have my first morning coffee looking out the window at the sunrise I realise how lucky we are to live in such an inspiring place and, looking back, sitting on the tractor wondering how we were going to achieve this dream, it's been a fantastic journey and we really haven't had to compromise at all”.

Living off the grid is no longer just a dream or an expensive option, it is a reality and a very real one at that. We are no longer constrained by the need to be connected to the national grid and so choosing a site for you home has no restrictions.  Your life needn't change, everything can be as it was before except for missing out on those pesky power bills.


I want more information on Off-grid solar.


When talking about living in an off grid home compared to living connected to the grid. 

"The added value of course, is that you don't get any power bills every month!"

Matthew Hardy - Off Grid Home Owner.