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Off grid Solar 

PowerSmart makes it easy when it comes to installing off grid solar power systems. We have years of experience and have won many awards for our off grid systems.  Whether you are building your dream home or building a major development in a remote location, we have a solution for you.

In 2012 we finished the Tokelau Renewable Energy Project which is one of our major commercial off grid projects. Since then we have completed Renewable Energy Projects for both the Northern Cook Islands and Tuvalu, as well as the award winning off grid project at Craters of the Moon visitor centre in Taupo. 

Residential off grid is becoming increasing popular as more and more people are now living off the grid. 

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Off grid Case Studies

PowerSmart has installed over 3 Mega Watts of off grid solar since 2007. This includes large commercial installations like Tuvalu and the Northern Cooks through to residential homes for people living off the grid. 

Vunabaka - Six Senses Hotel - 4MWh Vunabaka - Six Senses Hotel - 4MWh Vunabaka - Six Senses Hotel - 4MWh Vunabaka - Six Senses Hotel - 4MWh Vunabaka - Six Senses Hotel - 4MWh

Vunabaka - Six Senses Hotel - 4MWh

Vunabaka - Six Senses Hotel - 4MWh

VUNABAKA RESORT DEVELOPMENT Vunabaka resort is currently our ultimate off grid installation and a flagship install for PowerSmart. It won 'Best' Solar PV Implementation with Battery Storage at the SEANZ awards in 2016 and is featured on...

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Whakamarama 5.2kW Whakamarama 5.2kW Whakamarama 5.2kW

Living the dream

Whakamarama 5.2kW

With off grid solar, you can live off the grid and build your dream house, where you want! NO Compromise! Matthew was clearing some trees on some land he owned when he discovered the perfect house site. Sitting high on a ridge...

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Tokelau - 1 MW Tokelau - 1 MW Tokelau - 1 MW Tokelau - 1 MW Tokelau - 1 MW

Utility scale off-grid solar electricity

Tokelau - 1 MW

On October 29th 2012 PowerSmart completed the award-winning ‘Tokelau Renewable Energy Project’, officially making Tokelau 100% solar-powered. Each of Tokelau's three atolls now has their own solar electricity system which will supply...

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Tuvalu & Northern Cook Islands - 1.9MW

1.9MW Off-Grid Solar Project

Tuvalu & Northern Cook Islands - 1.9MW

In October 2014 PowerSmart was awarded a 35 million dollar renewable energy project by the New Zealand Aid Programme in partnership with governments of Tuvalu and the Northern Cooks. The project was to install 12 off-grid solar power stations on 10...

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Craters of the Moon - 10kW

Solving a power problem

Craters of the Moon - 10kW

The Craters of the Moon Trust, 9km north of Taupo needed to extend their building to provide a better experience for their visitors. The new building included a new cafe which significantly increased their power loads. For most normal businesses...

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East Cape Maori - 15kW East Cape Maori - 15kW

Whareponga Maori Housing Trust - 15kW

East Cape Maori - 15kW

Eighteen kilometers from Ruatoria and twelve kilometres away from the nearest powerlines on Whareponga Road is a six home development, that is being built by a local Maori trust to house their people. The development itself is unique in New Zealand,...

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