Off Grid.

Off Grid solutions are for homes that do not have access to grid electricity. These systems offer complete autonomy and independence from the national grid. Energy is stored in batteries for use at night and other times when the solar panels are not generating as much electricity as you require.

It is important to note that there really is no absolute standard off grid system and that the system should be designed to suit your specific electrical loads and use patterns. At PowerSmart we are experts at off grids systems and our team of engineers will make sure that whatever system you order is personalised to your needs.

Off grid systems are more expensive than grid connnected systems due to extra componentry required- such as batteries to store the power. Our off grid systems start at about $20,000, which is less than $1000 per year over 25+ years a system will last. PowerSmart Solar designs systems to withstand cyclone force winds (which is why we were chosen to do the Tokelau project). We are so confident in our components and installation that we offer a 25 year performance warranty on our panels and a 5 year warranty on inverter parts and workmanship.


How does it work?


Our systems are built to withstand cyclone force winds and include our personal 5 year complete system warranty.


The power centre manages the flow of power
and converts the solar electricity for use in your building or storage in the batteries.


Batteries store energy for use at night, or for times that the solar panels are not generating as much electricity as you require.


An optional backup generator can provide power to re-charge your batteries during times of high power or poor weather.


You will not have to make any changes to your buildings wiring or appliances. Solar power systems will seamlessly integrate with the existing electrical system.



Solar electricity generated will run all  your home appliances.


A grid-tied system allows you to import electricity from the grid at times when your solar system is not producing enough to fulfil your needs, and also allows you to export excess electricity to the grid, which most retailers will pay you for. For homes connected to the national electricity grid, this is the best option, customisable to suit any new or existing roof.

Click here for information on Grid Connected systems.

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