GREATER partnerships.

PowerSmart offers Builders and Developers an integrated nationwide service to include solar power systems in their projects with complete customer and project support.  We make everything easy and include customer consultations and warranty support, marketing support, and of course system installation and commissioning.  Builders and Developers need a solar power partner not supplier, and by choosing PowerSmart that is exactly what they get. 




Tailor made solutions.

No development project or individual homeowner is ever the same.  That’s why our team of international experts offers a specialised solution tailored to your development.

Project Alignment.

PowerSmart works with the project manager to ensure a smooth solar power system integration schedule in line with the overall development program.  We manage this aspect to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and no additional work required by the project manager.

Marketing Support and Customer Consultation.

We help market the integration of solar power systems in your project and handle customer consultations right from the very beginning.  This ensures customers get the systems that are right for them and that they clearly understand the benefits of their choice.  This also ensures that the project manager does not get bogged down fielding complex queries related to electricity billing and the operation of solar power systems.



Your Customers.

Knowledge and Power.

Homeowners armed with PowerSmart knowledge and a solar power system have greater control over their electricity costs, and often even eliminate them.

Return On Investment.

Solar makes dollars and sense.  Homeowners with solar power systems earn money with every hour of bright sunshine and the systems improve the resale value of their homes.

Warranty and Support. 

Customers get peace of mind knowing that NZ’s largest and best qualified solar integrator designed, installed, and will support their system.


current projects.

st kilda


St Kilda is the first development in NZ wholly committed to energy
efficient design. One of the many sustainable design features is the 
compulsory installation of a minimum 3kW solar electricity system on
all houses, in partnership with award-winning solar electricity 
provider PowerSmart. 
Click here for more info on this exciting new residential development.

To pre-wire or

not to pre-wire?

During the construction phase we can pre-wire homes to be solar system ready. This is done as a construction convenience and makes the final system installation a little easier and less intrusive on the building. 

It is important for builders and developers to note that pre-wiring is not generic and should never be done prior to customer consultations on their goals for their solar system. Generic prewiring for a solar system can cause problems for customers who wish to install systems not accommodated by the pre-wire.  PowerSmart protects builders and developers from this and many more issues by getting involved right from the very beginning of the project.

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