Energy Payback

It takes energy to build a solar panel. PowerSmart’s solar panels have one of the quickest energy payback periods in the industry. They take approximately 12-18 months to generate enough solar electricity to repay the energy it took to build them. Given their long life of over 25 years, the majority of the solar panel’s life will be used to generate ‘environmentally free’ solar electricity. Even if a solar panel failed right at its warranted life of 25 years it would still have generated 17 times the energy it took to make it. They are likely to last in excess of 40 years.

Energy Conservation

By the time electricity reaches your home from the power station where it is generated it has typically lost between 5% and 15% of its energy. This is because there is resistance in the power lines, which creates heat, resulting in a loss of power over distance. Losses increase over greater distances and with larger amounts of electricity transported from the source. Solar electricity is generated on site at your home and therefore does not have the same losses associated with transferring power over the utility lines.

Transmission Lines

Solar power directly offsets the need for building large power plants and upgrading the existing grid structure because the bulk of your electricity requirement is generated on site. The grid remains in place but does not require expensive alterations to be able to transmit increasing amounts of power from distant sources.

Solar Miles

We import our solar panels and solar power inverters from Europe and China. Our manufacturing partners adhere to the highest environmental standards and take every effort to reduce the impact of their processes.

We try to source all other materials locally to limit the distance the manufactured goods have to travel to the end user. For example, all of the aluminium used in our solar panel mounting structures is made in New Zealand using clean hydro-electric power.

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