Right House Liquidation Leaving partly completed systems.
19 February 2015

Since Right House went into liquidation 2 weeks ago we have been approached by numerous people to see if we can help with their incomplete, non-certified and or non-functioning systems. We can understand the frustration these home owners are feeling but unfortunately we cannot complete a system that has been installed by another installation company as we only certify systems that we have designed, procured and installed from start to finish.

The reason for this is because we don’t know the quality of the work already completed: in terms of design, materials and electrical workmanship. Also the inverters being used by these installers are ones we do not recommend. Installing solar electricity systems is complex and we take it very seriously, which is why we only do solar electricity and nothing else.

We are also getting enquiries from people who have had systems installed by other installers which are not sized correctly. If you are wanting to install solar on your home, make sure you choose your installer wisely.

PowerSmart has always focussed on installing top quality systems using trained professionals. We have a team of installers nationwide whom we train and accredit, plus an in-house design team with 10 years of experience.  This is also why we are trusted by New Zealand Government to design and install large scale solar systems on Tokelau and again for the Northern Cooks and Tuvalu.


We can suggest the following if you are in a situation where your system has been left half completed by an installer;

  1. Try and get in touch with the original electrician that was involved in your installation.
  2. If you have no luck with contacting the original electrician who started the installation then try to contact your local electrician to see if they are willing to complete the system.
  3. If your system is complete and it  just needs a COC, you can try contacting your local electrician to complete the certification.
  4. If your system is complete and it just needs an electrical inspection (ROI) you can contact your local electrical inspector.
  5. Alternatively you can remove your partially finished system and we can reinstall a full certified Powersmart system.




"We have never had a project go so smoothly, they finished two weeks ahead of schedule."

Dan Udy - Director: Udy Group