Tesla Announces Solar Roof Tiles and New PowerWall
3 November 2016

In February this year we posted a story on 'Solar Roads', where solar panels are literally the cobbles on roads in France.

Eion Musk of Tesla fame just announced to his shareholders of Tesla a new product a solar roof tile. The tile essentially looks like any other roofing tile but has a glass top and a solar panel embedded within the tile. The result is a roof that although covered in solar panels looks like any other tiled roof. At this point though there is no information on output, efficiency or cost, which going on experience will be pricey if you are wanting to install them in New Zealand. 

As part of his presentation he also announced a bigger Tesla PowerWall, which although double the storage capacity of the original PowerWall costs less than the current PowerWall. Don't get to excited as it is not due for release until the end of 2017 and again who knows when it will make it to New Zealand. We have seen minimal PowerWalls installed in New Zealand because currently there are better solutions for less available from other suppliers. 

The coolest part of the video is the infographic showing how solar PV linked to batteries, linked to a vehicle can change how we view energy. It is part of Tesla's vision to be a sun (or solar PV) to car company, where solar panels essentially provide the energy to power the vehicle. For us at PowerSmart we have been saying for a long time that solar PV, when combined with batteries really can change the energy industry for the better. However although this is a glimpse of the future now we know that it will take a while for it all to become mainstream. But watch this space as it is happening. 

Click on: Bloomberg Article if you want to see the complete article. 


"We have never had a project go so smoothly, they finished two weeks ahead of schedule."

Dan Udy - Director: Udy Group