Anna adventuring in China
11 October 2016

To some the idea of going away on holiday and racing non stop for days on end with little rest is hell, but for Anna it is an adventure to brag about. Anna has recently returned from a two week adventure in China where she competed in two epic events.

The first was a stage race over three days in Weng'an called the Weng'an Outdoor Quest. Weng'an is located a two hour drive north east of Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport in the Guizhou Province. The race is a team race and is set up as a series of different activities over the three days with each stage (activity) timed and the winner being the team with the lowest aggregate time. The disciplines in this race were varied and included some random activities such as solving puzzles, carry baskets and climbing walls along with more normal adventure race disciplines such as mountain biking, trail running, abseiling and swimming. For Anna one of the highlights was the chance to experience the friendly local culture in a part of China few westerners get to see with the bonus being her team came 6th and won prize money!!!


The second race was a more traditional adventure race called the Xtrail Adventure Race which is part of the AR World Series.  Anna was a last minute replacement for a team in this race, which left her with three days to travel from Southern China to Northern China while 'recovering' from race one. The Xtrail Adventure Race is a non-stop race covering around 300km over five days and includes over 100km of mountain running, a 150km of mountain biking and over 35km of kayaking, The event was held in and around the Altay Mountains which are sandwiched between Mongolia and Kazakhstan in the furthest reaches of China. Much of the terrain they got to navigate through locals are not allowed to enter. 

As Anna said in regard to the race, "I experienced snow, freezing conditions, scorching heat and sunburn all within 24 hours. The air was very dry but this made for comfortable conditions and fantastic scenery. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was very fortunate to be able to participate in."



"We have never had a project go so smoothly, they finished two weeks ahead of schedule."

Dan Udy - Director: Udy Group