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PowerSmart GOLD

how does PowerSmart Gold FOR BUSINESS work?

PowerSmart GOLD is modelled on the successful Power Purchase Agreements or PPAs that are common in the USA, but PowerSmart has redesigned it specifically for the New Zealand commercial environment. 

With PowerSmart GOLD a solar electricity system is installed on the roof of the commercial building and the business agrees to buy all power it produces. Because the business is only buying solar power and DOESN'T OWN the solar electricity system, there is no need to worry about any ongoing maintenance.

With PowerSmart GOLD there are several key benefits to businesses who choose to sign up:

  • Electricity rate for PowerSmart GOLD is often less than what is available through normal channels.
  • Electricity is produced locally using sustainable solar PV. This helps many businesses to meet their own sustainability goals.
  • Electricity rate is known for the term of the agreement, so no surprises. 
  • No maintenance liability for solar PV system.
  • A choice of either 10 or 20 year agreements.

*Subject to PowerSmart GOLD's standard power purchase terms and conditions.

Outright Purchase

Outright Purchase of commercial solar.

Many of our clients simply purchase a commercial solar electricity system that we design and install. 

Over the last few years we have installed a number of large commercial solar PV systems in New Zealand including Sylvia Park Mall, Palmerston North City Council, and Tarewa Mall. For all of these clients the decision to purchase a commercial solar electricity system in the end came down to one thing. Does it add up financially?

In all of these businesses it had to add up financially or otherwise the projects would have never gone ahead and in the case of Sylvia Park the analysis was extremely thorough.

We recognise that commercial solar electricity systems don't add up for every business but for alot of businesses the return on  investment over the life of the system is very significant. The great thing with installing a commercial solar electricity system for your business or building is that you essentially lock in todays electricity prices for the life of the system.


What type of businesses benefit from commercial solar?

Any business that pays over 15c/kW for their power and has consistent daytime electricity loads should absolutely consider solar power. For other businesses who pay less but have sustainability goals should also seriously consider solar power. 

At PowerSmart we have installed systems on wineries, factories, shopping malls, schools and farms. In all cases the savings have been significant because they were paying relatively high per kW rates for their electricity and they all had high daytime electricity requirements.

For some businesses like Sylvia Park it is also part of their push to be a more sustainable business.


Building owners and commercial solar.

Increasingly we are seeing building owners installing solar electricity systems as another revenue stream. By investing in the solar power the building owner is able to onsell the electricity to their tenants. In many cases they are able to make a return on their investment from day one. 


"We have never had a project go so smoothly, they finished two weeks ahead of schedule."

Dan Udy - Director: Udy Group