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End of line, solar and battery solutions

Is the cost of maintaining outlying areas on your utility network uneconomic?

Is the line serving an outlying community no longer able to cope with the growth?

Are upgrades capital intensive and don't match the revenue generated?

Battery Energy Storage Solutions are an easy way to solve many problems faced by utility companies coping with aging infrastructure supplying isolated areas or communities experiencing growth that is putting a strain on local electricity infrastructure at peak times.



In many parts of New Zealand and the Pacific, there are homes and communities that are at the end of the national grid with a solitary electricity line supplying electricity. In many instances these utility lines are old and in desperate need of capital investment to replace old and aging infrastructure. 

With only one aging supply line into these homes and communities, they experience more outages than those of us embedded within the national grid. Up until recently, there was little that could be done to help these communities or homes as the investment needed was simply too great for economic return. 

Depending on the demand and the state of current infrastructure, there are a number of options available: 

  1. Installation of BESS to supplement electricity supply at peak times and provide energy security at times when power lines go down.
  2. Installation of a BESS and solar electricity system to generate and store electricity in what is essentially the communities own personal power station. The existing line to the national grid is then used as a backup if not enough electricity is generated by the solar electricity system.
  3. Installations of a BESS, solar electricity system, and diesel generator with the removal of connection to the national grid. In this instance, the community now has its own solar microgrid.





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