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Energy security

The lifeblood on a daily basis for any company is the energy that is needed to run the business, company or municipality. Energy is crucial to the survival of our modern world, yet the irony is that it is times of disaster or unforeseen circumstances when we need energy the most and it is generally at these times it is most likely to fail. 

PowerSmart has been using commercial scale battery and solar solutions to provide reliable 24-hour power to communities for years (Tuvalu, Tokelau and Northern Cooks) and this same technology can be used to power essential loads in times of an energy crisis. The great benefit of batteries is they respond almost instantaneously to adverse energy events meaning that power cuts can essentially become a thing of the past. Unlike generators that need to be started up to respond to demand a commercial battery solution can simply be switched on in time of need. When paired with a solar power system there is the ability to charge the batteries as well. 

In many instances existing diesel back up, generators can be added to the system to provide a complete energy security system. We see it as the way of the future for hospitals, airports, civil defence buildings, cool stores, or any other places where lack of power for an extended period of time can be serious, either financially or due to loss of life.



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