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renewable solar microgrids

Solar microgrids have been referred to as many things including, mini-grids, off-grid, solar power station, plus solar and battery solutions. Regardless of what they are called solar microgrids provide isolated Pacific island communities with a modern electricity solution that delivers reliable, environmentally friendly and sustainable electricity. Compared to diesel generators that operate on many Pacific islands as the sole supplier for electricity solar microgrids are truly revolutionary. 

There are a number of distinct advantages of solar microgrids over many of the alternatives.

  1. MInimal moving parts so very little maintenance required
  2. Uses the sun to generate electricity which is an abundant and free resource
  3. Robust, so able to withstand cyclonic winds and harsh salt environment
  4. Supply electricity 24 hours per day compared to many diesel generators which only operate for a few hours per day



Microgrids are the perfect solution for:

  • Island resorts 
  • Remote communities



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