Powerbill is $21 per month....
22 March 2017

At PowerSmart we have been talking for awhile about the massive change batteries combined with solar are going to make in the energy sector for everyone. Vector has been at the forefront of bringing Tesla battery technology to New Zealand for residential customers. This article in the NZ Herald looks at a family in South Auckland whose powerbill for January and Febuary has only been $21 for the whole month. This means that their powerbill for the whole year will be less than most New Zealand households for one month. 

Why do batteries make such a difference?

For the Moala's in this story, solar alone would improve their situation but it is with the addition of batteries that the real savings occur. Batteries like Tesla's Powerwall are able to store power generated during the day from solar panels for use later when solar electricity is not being produced. Like at night. This means your solar PV system can be producing electricity during the day while you are at work and sending it to the batteries where this electricity is stored. You return home from work to cook dinner, watch TV and turn on the lights and instead of drawing electricity from the grid your house draws its electricity from your battery. 



Change is upon us and although the technology is not accessible for everyone yet - that will change. The future is exciting and the ability for everyday people to take the power back is just around the corner.



"We have never had a project go so smoothly, they finished two weeks ahead of schedule."

Dan Udy - Director: Udy Group