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Sustainable Building.

why Is REnewable energy important?

"More and more consumers are making their purchase decisions based on the sustainability or renewable performance of companies."

(Unilever - 2017).

Increasingly customers are making their purchase decisions based on the sustainability or environmental performance of the company they are buying from. The evidence is seen with the rise of social campaigns such as 'Bags Not' (which challenges New Zealanders to not use single-use plastic bags) and in increasing numbers of EV cars sold in New Zealand.

Sustainability is now table stakes for any leading any company, it is no longer a 'nice to have' but rather a 'must-have'.

Solar PV is perfect for most companies in New Zealand as peak energy load for most businesses is during the day. Additionally, if your organisation has KPI's aligned with sustainability, renewable energy, social or environmental performance, then solar PV is a simple way to get some runs on the board. Solar electricity allows companies to not only meet sustainability goals but generally improve bottom line performance as well through lowering energy costs. 

Companies like Yealands Wines and Kiwi Property Trust have both used solar successfully to deliver on sustainability, social and environmental goals and continually use it to promote their businesses. They have also been able to lock in the energy costs for a portion of their energy bill for 20+ years.

PowerSmart knows that going 'solar' is often a big call for commercial organisations, however, we are able to do extensive energy modelling to show the 'payback' and energy benefits to companies considering installing a solar electricity system. When you combine this with customers desire to do business with companies that are looking after the environment and delivering on sustainability goals then investing in solar is an easy decision. 



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