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Sustainable Building.

Builders and Developers

GREATER partnerships.

Solar PV systems are a great addition to many modern builds and increasingly being demanded by the home buyer. PowerSmart has worked with a number of builders and developers in offering solar electricity solutions.

The range of projects we have worked on, range dramatically from:

  • One off architectually designed homes - either connected to the grid or completely off grid
  • Partnerships like St Kilda Residential Development in Cambridge, Waikato where we have installed a solar electricity systems on every home within the development.
  • A full reticulated off grid electricity solution for a Fijian Resort development - Vunabaka. Here solar PV panels on individual houses power a centralised battery bank, which in turn supplies electricity to the whole community. 

PowerSmart offers Builders and Developers an integrated nationwide service to include solar power systems in their projects with complete customer and project support.  We make everything easy and include customer consultations and warranty support and of course system installation and commissioning.  At PowerSmart we like to work with Builders and Developers who need a solar power partner not supplier. A company that has the experience and expertise to design and build systems that last. 


Tailor made solutions.

No development project or individual homeowner is ever the same.  That’s why our team of international experts offers a specialised solution tailored to your development.

Project Alignment.

PowerSmart works with the project manager to ensure a smooth solar power system integration schedule in line with the overall development program.  We manage this aspect to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and no additional work required by the project manager.

REsidential Customer Consultation.

We work with out building and development partners in two ways:

  1. Secret Squirral: We do all the design and installation and make you look good. You liase and work with the client on their requirements for solar. We supply you with information and work with you behind the scenes to make sure you specify the right system.
  2. Full Service: We work directly with your client, talking through their energy requirements, budget, to design and build a solar system. With full service your project managers don't need to get bogged down with the details of electricity billing and solar power systems. 

Either way your customers get a systems that is right for them 


energy audit,  Design & Layout.

We complete a full energy audit for every install, this ensures that we design a system that will provide your client with the best return on investment . Industry standard solar production models & professional CAD layouts and electrical drawings. 

No Interruptions & Pre wire.

We understand that build projects are complex and at time stressful. We work in with the build schedule and we manage the pre-wire during the build so there are no interruptions to the total project. 

Approved Installation Team.

We only use PowerSmart- nationwide approved installers, who are fully-trained and experienced in installing our systems. No matter where the build project is happening we can make it happen.

PowerSmart Warranty .


5 year workmanship warranty on installation that we are contracted to complete.

5 year mounting warranty.


25yrs power production warranty


Standard 5yr factory warranty 

Optional 10-15yr warranty extension available

No Hidden Costs.

We offer complete turnkey solutions, with one fixed price including design, installation, certifications and completion of all paperwork. This means you know and your client know what the cost will be at the beginning of the project

No Paperwork.

All consents and paperwork organised by Powersmart.

Hassle-free Certification.

Independent inspection company certify all our systems.




"We deal with a great number of contractors and would rate PowerSmart's delivery onsite as amongst the very best"


Jason Happy - National Facilities Manager at Kiwi Property