Tesla Battery Performs In Power Cut
16 January 2018
The Brown family in Kerikeri were one of the first people in New Zealand to have a Tesla Powerwall 2 installed by us in late 2017. Little did any of us know how important that Powerwall 2 would become. Below is Rob's short email that he sent through to us.
"On 4th and 5th January the North Island of New Zealand was engulfed by a storm of tropical origin with heavy rainfall. At about 8pm on 4th we had a 16.5 power outage in our area. We alone we were able to carry on unaffected with our new Tesla Powerwall 2 battery, while our whole area was pitch black. However this became more than just a convenience because at about 4 am I had a medical emergency and was completely incapacitated. The ambulance arrived and the paramedics were able to locate, diagnose me in full light and facilities and then drive me off to hospital into the darkness.
The battery started the outage at about 76% capacity - not full because solar radiation had been limited because of rain but finished the 16.5 hour power outage with 50% capacity, although most of the outage was during the night . This experience has reinforced the decision to fit our Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.
We thought you might be interested to know that all turned out well when there could possibly have been a serious outcome."
Definitely not your everyday story but thankfully one that had a happy ending. 


"We have never had a project go so smoothly, they finished two weeks ahead of schedule."

Dan Udy - Director: Udy Group

"We deal with a great number of contractors and would rate PowerSmart's delivery onsite as amongst the very best"


Jason Happy - National Facilities Manager at Kiwi Property

We are delighted to be supplementing our existing renewable energy supply, which already incorporates solar water heating, wind and biological initiatives with solar PV electricity. This will certainly assist us achieve our ultimate goal of self-sufficiency.”

Peter Yealands founder Yealands Estate Wines.