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battery energy storage and utility storage.

Utility-scale solar and battery storage is able to solve many problems facing electricity retailers, lines companies and large-scale developers. 


PowerSmart has been at the forefront of utility solar electricity and battery (BESS) solutions since helping Tuvalu to become the first solar-powered country in the world in 2012. Since then PowerSmart has installed and has under management over 30-megawatt hours of utility batteries and has installed over 5 megawatts of solar throughout New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

Battery Storage

peak shaving, energy security

utility batteries improve performance.

Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) are the key to a modern electricity network. With PowerSmart BESS you are able to save capital investment and deliver more robust electricity solutions within an existing network. 

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End of Line Solution

end of line solutions.

meet increasing electricity demands.

Solar PV and battery storage is a viable solution to the problem utilities face with isolated communities and the need to replace or upgrade the aging infrastructure supplying them.

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Solar Microgrid

electricity for remote places.

delivering modern, reliable power.  

For many remote parts of the Pacific solar microgrids offer the most reliable and sustainable electricity solution. Microgrids deliver a stable electricity solution providing communities with 24 hour power. 

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Finance options

At PowerSmart our commercial and business clients fit into two categories those who want
to buy their solar power system outright and those who want to take advantage of PowerSmart GOLD,
which enables businesses to buy solar electricity without having to buy a solar system.

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Case Studies

Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid

Utility scale off-grid solar electricity

Tokelau - 1 MW, Off-Grid

On October 29th 2012 PowerSmart completed the award-winning ‘Tokelau Renewable Energy Project’, officially making Tokelau 100% solar-powered. Each of Tokelau's three atolls now has their own solar electricity system which will supply...

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Niue - 600 kW + 3 MWh

Niue Solar, BESS and Energy Management

Niue - 600 kW + 3 MWh

Located 2400 km north east of New Zealand, Niue is a large upraised coral atoll surrounded by limestone cliffs and crystal clear water, it is an amazing place to visit. Niue is fairly unique, in that it has no rivers or lakes on the island, this...

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Tuvalu & Northern Cooks - 1.9 MW

1.9MW Off-Grid Solar Project

Tuvalu & Northern Cooks - 1.9 MW

In October 2014 PowerSmart was awarded a 35 million dollar renewable energy project by the New Zealand Aid Programme in partnership with governments of Tuvalu and the Northern Cooks. The project was to install 12 off-grid solar power stations on 10...

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Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh Vunabaka - 4 MWh

Largest Tesla Battery Installation

Vunabaka - 4 MWh

Vunabaka resort development Vunabaka resort is typical of many of the projects that we work on, in that years worth of work have gone into it before anything seems to  happen. This is a project that is at the cutting edge of solar PV...

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"We have never had a project go so smoothly, they finished two weeks ahead of schedule."

Dan Udy - Director: Udy Group

When talking about living in an off grid home compared to living connected to the grid. 

"The added value of course, is that you don't get any power bills every month!"

Matthew Hardy - Off Grid Home Owner.


SBN Awards 2012

Finalist Sustainable Business Network 2012 Awards: Trailblazer Sustainable Medium Business - BOP

New Zealand Sustainable 60 Awards

Winner NZ sustainable 60 awards: Best Small Business

EECA Awards

Winner EECA 2014: Right house renewable energy award

Tokelau Renewable Energy Project

SBN Award Renewables

Finalist SBn Awards 2014: Renewables innovation Award

tarewa mega centre, whangarei

Westpac Logistics

finalist westpac BOP business awards 2014: Manufacturing and LOgistics

Westpac Customer Service

Finalist Westpac BOP Business awards 2014: Customer Service

Westpac Sustainability

Finalist Westpac BOP Business Awards 2014: Sustainability

NZSDA Awards

Bronze NZSDA Awards 2014: Powersmart HQ signage and brand

Economy's Sustainable Awards

Winner International Economy's Sustainable Awards 2013: Best emerging renewable energy company, South Pacific

Seanz Awards - Winner Craters of the Moon

Winner seanz 2014: Largest off grid implementation

Craters of the moon, Taupo.

Export New Zealand

Winner BNZ Bop Export Awards 2012: Emerging Exporter of the Year.

Seanz Awards - Sylvia Park Mall


Sylvia Park MALL - Auckland, 351 KW

Seanz Awards - Winner Tarewa

Winner seanz 2014: Largest Grid Tied implementation:

Tarewa mega mall - whangarei, 240kW

SBN Award Impact

Finalist SBN Awards 2014: Renewables impact award

Yealand Estate Wines, Blenheim

Westpac Awards

Winner WEstpac BOP Business Awards 2014: BRanding and Marketing

Seanz Awards - Otuwhare Marae

 Winner Seanz 2014: Best Grid-Tied implementation under 10kW

Otuwhare Marae, East Cape

New Zealand Innovators Awards

winner new zealand innovators award 2012: Innovation in Sustainability and Cleantech. Tokelau renewable energy project

Westpac Innovation

Finalist Westpac BOP Business Awards 2014: Innovation

New River Green 50

New River green 50: Ranking # 14 in New Zealand

SBN Awards 2014

finalist sbn awards 2014: Community innovation award

St Kilda development, Cambridge

Seanz Awards - Craters of the Moon

Winner seanz 2014: best off-grid implementation

Craters of the moon, Taupo

BNZ Bay Of Plenty Export Awards

Finalist Bop export awards: Exporter of the year award

Seanz Awards - Tuvalu and Northern Cooks

WINNER SEANZ 2015: best solar PV installation with storage

Tuvalu and NOrthern Cooks - 1.9mW