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Located 2400km north east of New Zealand, Niue is a large upraised coral atoll surrounded by limestone cliffs and crystal clear water, it is an amazing place to visit.

Niue is fairly unique, in that it has no rivers or lakes on the island, this means there is no water run off from the island, which in turn means there is no sediment released into the ocean from the island. As a result, the water clarity of the sea surrounding Niue is incredible and one of the main draw cards in visitors coming to the island. Maintaining and protecting the environment of Niue is one of the major drivers behind their ban on single use plastic bags, promoting triple bottom line reporting for Niue businesses and their renewable energy targets. 

Like most South Pacific countries Niue has been heavily reliant on diesel generation for their electricity, however this is not very environmentally friendly or sustainable. In an attempt to lower their dependence on diesel generation, Niue has installed a number of smaller solar farms over the years, however with no batteries the ability to use this solar energy was in-efficient.

It was recognised that a battery energy storage system (BESS) was needed to improve the efficiency of the electricity grid in Niue; and in November 2017 PowerSmart was awarded a contract to design and build a large solar farm, BESS and energy management system (EMS) to manage the whole utility grid.

This renewable energy project was in partnership with the New Zealand Aid Programme and the Government of Niue and would result in a team from PowerSmart, plus a number of local Niueans installing 600kW of solar, 3MWh of lithium ion batteries and PowerSmart's own EMS to manage the island's power supply.

In early 2019 the project was completed and Niue now has an estimated 40% of its energy needs being met by renewables. Diesel consumption has been greatly reduced and on sunny days the generators are often shut down for up to 10hrs day.

Niue - 600kW + 3MWh

Label Title: Niue Solar, BESS and Energy Management

Type: Solar + BESS + Energy Management

Location: Niue

Specs: 600kW solar + 3MWh BESS

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